A timeless enchantress, Sampson combines a 70s folk-rock aesthetic and sound, which draws on a California country and classic Laurel Canyon, quickly garnered flattering comparisons to giants such as Nicks, Ronstadt and Bonnie Raitt as well as cult heroes such as Barbara Keith, Jim Croce and Bobbie Gentry. 

Kashena is not afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve and her unique and interesting life shines through her beautifully crafted songwriting and though her super sonic vocal powers that could shake the walls of an opera house. Her ability to embrace her own vulnerability and perseverance is more than apparent on her recent UK single ‘Long Way Back’ – no doubt drawing on life experiences including finding sobriety after a number of troubled years in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, and her years balancing a demanding cruise ship singing career with dreams of becoming a professional singer-songwriter.   

Like many before her, the modern starlet put everything in her rear view mirror in 2015, when on a whim, she found herself driving to Nashville with no solid plan other than wanting to record her songs in Nashville. Initially she struggled, and found working multiple side jobs including a local greasy spoon to make ends meet. Finally her dreams came true when she saved enough money from bartending to cut her debut record, ‘Wild Heart’ at The Bomb Shelter in East Nashville with top Nashville based players including Jon Estes co-producing as well as playing bass, Jeremy Fetzer on guitar, and Jon Radford on drums. Despite its self-release, the record was a cult hit last year in the USA and was heaped with praise from esteemed media including Rolling Stone, who compared her to her hero, Stevie Nicks. 

Sampson returned to the studio again with Estes, Fetzer and Radford in February to record her second album “Time Machine”.  She has been hard at work getting all the pieces together for its release. The second record is a more intimate view into the past few years after her move to Nashville. Reflecting on her success Kashena looks back on the experiences that forged her honest song writing and taught her persistence and to never give up on her dreams.